the fOLLOWING Fees cover your use of the space’s equipment and supplies for block printing, monotype, collograph, and etching.

SPUTNIK - $30, Punch card for 6 visits IN A THREE-MONTH PERIOD. Includes one flatfile drawer to store your work and supplies IN. best if you want to explore different printmaking techniques.

SPACE CADET - $30, UNLIMITED USE FOR A ONE-MONTH PERIOD. INCLUDES ONE FLATFILE DRAWER TO STORE YOUR WORK and supplies IN. best if you have a specific project to work on.

day tripper - $7, unlimited use for one day.

SCREENPRINTING - $60 initial session, if you have not used our space to screen print before, we require that you take an initial orientation course. this is a one-on-one orientation where we will guide you through the printing process, demonstrating how to use our screen printing equipment. includes ink tubs (listed below), and access to the space for 1 day.

after initial training -$20, burn 1 screen and use the space for 1 day. this INCLUDES USE OF LAIKA’S EMULSION, EXPOSURE UNIT, POWERWASHER, screen printing presses, And A 6 OZ TUB OF EACH OF THE FOLLOWING INKS: RED, BLUE, YELLOW, BLACK, AND WHITE. additional INK MAY BE PURCHASED AT $5/TUB. additional screens may be burned for $15. YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE YOUR OWN SCREENs TO USE. if you’ve purchased sputnik or space cadet memberships, you will receive a $5 discount for screen printing.